Getting Started with Elementor Query Builder

Table of Contents

Installing Plugin

After purchasing the plugin you should see download option to download your zip file of the plugin. Download it. 

Prerequisite: Make sure Both Elementor and Elementor pro plugins are installed and activated

Useful plugin: You may use JSM’s Show Post Metadata to see your available meta data on any post, page, post type.

Then you need to go to your site > wp-admin > Plugins > add new > Upload the plugin zip that you downloaded > Active. 

A great video explanaing this can be found here

Upload and install plugin
Elementor query builder doc

Activate License

How to use it

First of all, make sure you have both Elementor and Elementor Pro installed and activated. 

Then Drag and drop your Posts or Portfolio widget inside a page where you would like to start using the query. 

Set a Query Id in the Query Section of the Posts or Portfolio widget. 

**Remember while using this widget with out widget, none of the settings that you set in this widget will work such as posts per page, include, exclude etc. **

set query id elementor portfolio & posts widget

After that Drag and drop the Void Elementor Query Builder widget anywhere on the page. Better to drag and drop in in the same section/ column where you just placed the posts / portfolio widget. 

void Elementor query builder widget

Then insert the same Query Id that you had used in the Posts / portfolio widget above

custom query filter elementor

Alright! You are now done mapping the Elementor Query Builder with your posts/portfolio widget 😉 . Now rest of the field available are self explanatory. But our sample video guide below can speed things up for you! Check it below.

Don’t forget to subscribe to channel since we will be bringing in more updates and new features to this plugin soon. 

Click here to know more about Operator which can be used in custom meta query

Updrage License

If you want to upgrade your license from Single website to multiple ones you can simply login to your account  and there under My purchase > Press view License button 

After that according to your plans you will see the updrage link which if you click you will get upgrade links. 

Here since this account had an unlimited license already there is no upgrade option available. 

Upgrade license Elementor query builder