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This is a list of “don’ts” it is not exhaustive, and we may also find that other non-bona-fide activities constitute as non-acceptable use.

Don’t allow others to use your account or license, by means of sale, license, lease assign, transfer, pledge, or any other activity that may be considered as sharing or conveying ownership in your account.

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Don’t reverse engineer or decompile our website, or perform any activity that might reveal sensitive information.

Don’t try to guess usernames or passwords, or otherwise circumvent or attempt to penetrate or circumvent any technical restrictions or limitations in the Services or website.

Don’t resell our Services; meaning don’t offer others access to your product keys, or any other enabling methods, such as account credentials or activation codes.   Don’t directly call files from our servers in your themes or products.

Don’t remove our legal notices or names from the Services.