What's New in version 1.1 of Elementor query builder

Multiple taxonomies, terms combination

With version 1.1 now you can use combination of taxonomies. You can choose some terms from category and and some from tags. You can also choose if the relations between terms will be AND/OR.

Dynamically show posts based on current post terms

Now it is also possible to show Post type B on Post type A using a common taxonomy through choosing current post option as terms.

Show posts based on values passed by URL

You can easily show different data(posts) based on different value(taxonomy, custom field, meta key) passed through URL(i.e. button URL)

Category Arsanal is being passsed with the above button URL and so the posts from only this category will be shown.

Multiple categories can be passed by comma such as
Combination of multiple taxonomies and custom field(meta key) is possible.